About Trean

Decades of Experience & Custom Solutions


Trean Corporation (pronounced “Trē – on”) is uniquely integrated to provide insurance management, insurance and reinsurance consulting, and reinsurance placement services.

In 1996, Trean’s management team left a large, publicly-traded reinsurance broker with the objective to provide innovative solutions in both the insurance and reinsurance industries. Over time, Trean has developed into two distinct companies: Trean Reinsurance Services, LLC; and Trean Underwriting Managers, LLC. In addition, Trean Corporation is affiliated with an insurance carrier which provides fronting services and risk sharing with insurers, captives and risk retention groups who need A.M. Best “A” rated, admitted paper.


Trean Re is focused on providing unparalleled client services while operating as a private, independent reinsurance intermediary.


As an experienced and creative group of insurance and reinsurance professionals, Trean Underwriting Managers (TUM) offers consulting and administrative services. Through our disciplined and hands-on approach, we help clients become better insurance operators. Through TUM, small insurers and captives can access cost-effective, industry-leading expertise.